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Don’t forget to watch this after the episode !
(It’s really interesting and all~)

Arthur Darvill interview: 'I'm done with Doctor Who'



Although Darvill is looking to the future, he says he will definitely miss Doctor Who. In Gillan and Smith he found “friends for life”. But, when asked who out of the two is the best kisser, there is an obvious favourite: “I’d have to say Matt. He’s expert”

That moment when even Robert’s costars can’t tell the difference.

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Jun 8


#And somehow you’ll start yanking at Loki’s horns to brake it at somepoint[x] #Then Loki would grab and pull your cloak #So it’s just Two brothers fighting like children

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You go to a costume party as a superhero, not your own, who would it be? [x]

I love his “Yeah, and why not ?” expression.

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If he knew all the things fangirls could say to him…  He might be afraid in fact.

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May 9

Hiddlesworth. Even Russian interviewers know. (x)

Wtf is that ending O_O.

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May 9

Did you and Chris Hemsworth have chemistry [in Thor] right from the start? How would you describe your chemistry?

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