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May 8


I now fully understand why the series Sherlock is so famous, and have so much fans. Holy shit I understand so much, and I just saw the first episode.

(And these references to… what make me a creepy fujoshi, among others things… Loved it. And I didn’t smiled so much since… when I saw Thor and The Avengers in fact. Erm…)

But there’s one little problem. I’m late for my homework, I’m horribly lazy and I think I will not resist to watch the others episodes. Crap.

May 6

I’m not always fan of this sort of video, because sometimes it’s just too much effects, additional colours, scenes from Queer as Folk for example, or I don’t know, personally I don’t love that much these montages. But this one… is purely excellent. Short, but with this song… (*Q*)