So much awkwardness


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seriously though what’s going on in this anime omg

there’s too much wtf

but it’s too incredible and amazing to stop


Jude Law comes face to face with David Tennant. The inevitable happens.

Somewhere, RDJ is crying into his shawarma.

May 5


…a lot of drawings and photos of some actors in my computer. (And yaoi of them…)

((But that’s what I thought. It is more funny to reblog and post things, than just looking and favorite. But there are so many things I would wish to post… Guh. Sorry for the flood. And my english is quite bad, I think. *sigh*

But… If you read this, don’t hesitate to write a little thing, or send me any kind of comment, I don’t bite, I’m just a little creepy. I think. I’m a fujoushi, after all… (TT . TT)))